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Providing Senior Care Services & Consulting 

All About Care...Care Check            
is simply all about best options for Seniors because...
"Making a wrong choice is not an option"        
            says founder Linda Hitt Kempf, RN, LNHA 

Linda Hitt Kempf, RN, LNHA is also known as...

Expert Witness Regarding Nursing Homes  
Author of Today's Woman Magazine's "Caring for Aging Loved Ones" column since 1995
Registered Nurse since 1981 and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 1985  
Director of Nursing in Nursing Homes approximately 16 years  
Turnaround specialist for over 16 years, going into bad Nursing Homes and "fixing" them  
Unmatched track record of 14 years straight "ZERO DEFICIENCIES" in every annual survey  
'Nursing Home Expert' title related to 9 of the 10 facilities operated were left deficiency free  
Healthcare Consultant and Workshop/Seminar presenter  
Local and national speaker about aging and senior care options  
Private Consultant to clients wanting to make the best choices for their loved ones  
Coauthor of soon to be released book about the Hospital maze, Nursing Home and Senior Care Options  
Consultant who monitors care of your loved ones at home or in a Nursing Home to ensure adequate care.  
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So as you can see Linda has "walked the walk and talked the talk" when it comes to managing Nursing Homes and will only place your loved one where she would place her own. Linda believes her years of expertise serve to allow her to serve as your personal guide through the entire healthcare maze.

Linda feels strongly that making the right choices are the key to positive outcomes and goes on to say...

"When a wrong choice is made it is so very traumatic for not only the loved one, but the family as well since that may have made that choice. It leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth and makes those involved feel there is no such thing as good care. Nothing is perfect in healthcare, but there are decent places out there. I believe in making the right fit the first there will be no mistake made and your loved one will be in the best case scenario.

After operating Nursing Homes as a Director of Nursing and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator for 16 years, I know the good, the bad and the ugly of every facility in this community. I know who owns them, how many times they have changed hands and why, what their surveys have been, their reputations, plus how many management changes have occurred, which can lead to serious negative outcomes for facilities. I only use a select few for my senior client's.

So, whether your need is for keeping your loved one in their own home as long as possible or you are searching for any level of care from Assisted Living on up to Skilled Nursing, I can serve as your guide to assure you will make the right choices for your loved one...the first time around."

"I help you do it right, so you never have to do it over."
       …Linda Kempf, RN, LNHA 

Please go to letters of recommendation for insight into what I can actually do for you.


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Linda Kempf, RN, LNHA, President 
(502) 244-CARE (2273)
Louisville, Kentucky

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